Launch Stage 藝動區塊
2022 NFT Program

This year, Taipei Dangdai’s inaugural Launch Stage bridges international NFT platforms with leading contemporary art, in response to market demands and trends towards digital art collection. In collaboration with three internationally renowned and meticulously curated NFT platforms Feral File, Art Blocks and Outland, as well as Taiwan’s emerging platform SOYL, the Fair will showcase the most unique artist projects in this field. Everyday at 11am, local NFT platform SOYL will also be hosting on-site practical workshops on opening crypto-wallets, assisting your effortless entry into the NFT universe.

台北當代今年的創舉「藝動區塊」(Launch Stage)橋接國際 NFT 平台與頂尖當代藝術,以回應數位藝術收藏風潮及市場需求。會展將與國際知名並具高度策展性的三大 NFT 平台:Feral File、Art Blocks、Outland,以及新興的本地平台 SOYL 合作,展示單一藝術家在該領域最具獨特性的計畫。預購上午場次,觀看作品於「藝動區塊」線上網站同步揭曉與獨家作品介紹,本地平台 SOYL 也將於每日上午11am 於現場舉辦開錢包工作坊,讓您無痛接軌 NFT 宇宙。